Thursday, June 19, 2014

About me

“Tell me about yourself” he asked.
Ah, if only I knew enough of myself to say that
Or words enough colorful and imaginative
To put into language 
The spirit, character, attitude
(Or those disgusting attributes)
that sustain me.

The universe of memories that sew
Up the fragile, yet powerful sinews of my existence
The uniqueness, the boldness of 
The lattice that forms this confused bundle of cells
Carefully calculated with an ulterior motive;
The tears that heal my invisible scars, 
The warmth that welds the 
Million brittle pieces of my heart intact
The thoughts that wrought my significant position as an
Insignificance among a billion similar, all 
make me too
Complicated to be put in words- After all, My dear,
I’m a being.

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