Sunday, September 16, 2012

only a fake?

Your smile.
Like a six inch subway burger
From this corner of your ear
All the way to that.
I wonder if your facial muscles don’t ache.
Or is it practice makes a man perfect?
But For all your practice, I am no longer falling for it.
 Your deeds,
Like A parasite you stick to me
suck all that you need,
Does that mean you have other hosts too?
I thought we were symbiotic, like lichen.
But you seem to use me,
Or is it makes hay while the sun shines?
for all your exploits, I am no use and throw can.
 Your time,
 Is always sloppy,
But that’s what I fell for, at the beginning,
Though you used to have time for me.
Now, like the rainfall these days,
You seem to pop in and out, mostly only drizzles,
Is it global warming why you seem
So rare these days, not able to wait for me,
Or is it time and tide waits for none, so don’t waste it?
for all your global warming, I am petrol burning.
 Your words,
Are just what an ideal Romeo,
In twenty first century would recite,
thou do seem as bright light does,
And me like an attracted insect,
That dies after touching your dangerous spark.
But how many insects are you attracting,
Or is it, that you are young and wild and free?
For all your freedom, I am no fundamental right.
Your reasons,
Like an animated movie,
All preposterous,
Innovative, None
Isn't it that honesty is the best policy?
Even to me,
Your honesty isn't looking so honest these days.
Are like a beautiful summer morning,
Pleasing to the eye
But it will turn dark.
Like a chameleon,
Changing color every instant,
Do not know what you are.
Like a Facebook friend,
Virtual and wordy but nothing else,
Like a swaying tree,
 Like a cheap silver colored necklace,
That shows its black only after wash,
Is it that all that glitters is not gold,
Or is it, never give up hope?

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