Thursday, October 4, 2012

being your own victim

this poem's on bullying and bullies are generally serious cowards.
tell me what you think!
being your own victim

Your smile
Like the dogs’ tail that never
Ceases wagging
Like the dark, sticky, sweet dripping, honey
Dripping, dripping,
dripping, from the bee hive,
Remains, like change, eternal.
Beneath that,
 I can make out a Margosa tree standing stout, bitter and green.
Profoundly green. Perhaps your smile was misjudged.
Still deeper lies a prejudiced demon, probably envious,
Pouncing and hurting the weakest with as much reason as the earth has,
To keep spinning round and round all year long.
And you experience joy seemingly, when you make others lose,
More joy for you then,
 Than when you emerge the winner, yourself.
You satisfy yourself with all the wrong you justify,
But, my dear, your thirst seems insatiable.
Everyone evolves, but you are, a snake.
That sheds its skin to grow a new one.
But a snake will remain a snake.

In the core of your existence, still I sense,
Stunning difference, like the soft mushy kiwi,
Inside the itching, disturbing cover.
 Deep sympathy, regret and guilt,
Some humanity.
Like a child that has broken its first doll,
You know.
Deep under, you are imprisoned yourself, like a fish that bites its bait
Unlike the fish, you are not helpless; you won’t surely die only gasping for air.
Because you still have a chance, an opening
 To break free,
Of the tormenting that you subject yourself to,
Even as you deny it,
It’s killing you, hurting you more than the weakling you pick on.
That burning, dwindling core,
Full of shame and helplessness, dying,
Inside- tells me you know what you are

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