Sunday, November 25, 2012

Donning the shoes of Miss Have- it-all

I decided I’d had enough, when I saw yet another pimple on my face yesterday. The acne, my imperfections, was really driving me crazy. How would it be to have the perfect looks, a flawless body, all the money, health and fame? Ah, that sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?
Perfect according to me would be, to have a, say, green eyes, and flowing light brown hair, with a slender, tall structure, and the prettiest smile ever- yes, that should just have everyone under my belt. Say, I had all this, and am sixteen – the sweetest and wildest age, and I was a mega superstar too- a singer, a model, an actress, a humanitarian, everything anyone could dream of. Of course, I’d have money pouring in, so there’d be no need to nag my parents for pocket money, and I wouldn’t need to attend school either- so no exams. All I have to do all day long is to flaunt my looks and pose for paparazzi, sign autographs and perform in front of swooning fans. Every teen and tween, every guy, would have my poster on their walls. A wardrobe full of new clothes, thousands of friends, parties, shoes, the best cuisine to tuck into, seamless body, all money and fame.  Sounds perfect?
Well, when I thought about it again, I found out it’s not, really.
Maybe having this idea does seem appealing, with the number of admirers I’d have and the media- but the fun would be lost if they’re going to click my picture even when I pull real ugly faces at my brother, right? And the thousand ‘friends,’ how many of them would be really what they act like? Not many, I bet. And is fame really all that glossy? Yeah, everyone will be able to identify me, so even if I do the slightest of embarrassing things, - which everyone is prone to do- it would make headlines (the way JB puked on stage, for instance) - not rad. Also, there will be rumors spoiling my reputation; there will be stalkers, which is scary. Not going to school wouldn’t be great, either. I actually enjoy school, being with my friends, doing the normal things a teen would do. If you omit the exam part, almost everything else in school is way awesome.  And maybe, once I have the ideal looks, there would be nothing left to long for, to sulk about, which would make life boring. Then there is the modeling, acting and singing, Is it as easy as it seems? No, even all those cool things require strenuous practice and hard work.
Even glossy professions like acting and modeling have their own flaws just like their perks, and they may actually be different from what we dream of.  ‘Having it all’ would leave us nothing to achieve, or yearn for. Perhaps, we weren’t born with the perfect looks because our own looks suit us best. And of course, whoever we consider perfect, it only looks that way. Everyone’s life has their own ups and downs, and we have to be thankful for what we have.
Moral: When I’d get my next pimple, I’m going to be all cheery about it. (publiched in The Gulf news-education)

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