Thursday, November 22, 2012

Say yes to individualism and eccentricity!

Say yes to individualism and eccentricity!
This year, more than half of my class changed or got new specs, and each one of the new consisted of a pair of nerdy frames. But nerdy glasses was the magnet for bullies only last year, because really, and everyone knew, that nerdy glasses didn’t make a person look incredibly good.
Why the change, then? Because, it seemed it was the ‘trend’of the season, sported by all the stars and celebs, who my Hollywood-smitten friends so regularly worshipped. Seemingly, with the advent of this new so called ‘trend’ everyone seemed to forget about the cons of those frames, because they frankly did not suit everyone, like they suited the celebs that advertised or spotted them. But oblivious to all that, and blindly following others, my friends ended up looking comical, pathetic, ridiculous or piteous.
Coming to this word ‘trend’ we realize the trend setters are most usually the stars and celeb endorsers or some Canadian teen pop star with blond hair falling down on his face and we the belie(v)ers and followers. I believe we are the root cause of this scenario, and that we shouldn’t be proud of it either. Why should we follow someone just because they are famous and everyone else is following them? Isn’t it that every one of us is unique, and we’ve all got our own style that suits what we are, may be it punk, gothic, or girly? According to me, the celebs are doing something different and unique and boldly, hats off to that. But I think that probably instead of being followers and copy cats of existing styles, we can set a new trend ourselves and with self confidence. If we pull off the s style we believe in with poise, we can set new trends too and be proud of it. everyone’s specialty comes out in a different outfit, every face looks the best with a set of frames (not all nerdy) and people should dress to suit their likings and convenience, not die of dread that their friends will mock at them just because they aren’t wearing the tote Halle berry had in her latest spotting. I ask of you is to Say yes to individual styles! Support individualism and eccentricity! Because like you, your attire and style should be special and, maybe, the only one it’s kind.

(education: gulfnews)

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